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  “F. Enriques” Institute is situated in the valley of river Elsa, an area rich of history and culture, very near to Florence, Siena and San Gimignano, within the boundaries of Chianti area. Besides this, a noteworthy element is the openness to the technological and industrial innovations of a highly productive part of Tuscany. Our school has a pivotal role in the area, thanks to the close contacts with the surrounding towns and the easy access to strategic ways of communication, both on road and rail.

Enriques institute is composed of four double floor annexes which host 5 areas of study, 71 classrooms, several services and facilities, such as auditorium, library, training hall, indoor swimming-pool, and the laboratories which are constantly used for the activities linked to the teachings – cuisine, reception, enogastronomy, science and chemistry, photography, foreign languages, graphic design and art, ICT, video and interactive board labs.

The five areas of study

- Enogastronomy and Reception
- Business Management, Graphic Design
- Agricultural techniques
- Administration and Marketing
- Scientific Lyceum


- 3 computer labs
- 2 language labs
- 2 graphic design
- 1 Science-Physics
- kitchen, dining-room, cafeteria, reception
- special rooms (technical drawing, multimedia-video, special needs)

The existence of ‘Enriques’ Institute in our territory is considered as guarantee for social and economic growth, and an inexhaustable showcase of new qualified figures bound to be integrated into our production reality. With reference to the new economic and social background, our school has been operating on the whole area not only as education centre, but also as training and development agency, validated by the Boards of Tuscany Region as regards the management of vocational training, and awarded with the certificate of System Quality UNI EN ISO9001.
Local governments, together with several associations and enterprises, cooperate to enrich our training offer through activities which take place inside and outside our school (courses in Italian literacy for foreign students, single-subject courses, stages). Taking particular reference to stages, our students have always been trained with the precise perspective of merging into the business world. This policy of ours has always been paralleled by our teachers’ efforts to encourage each student to rely on his/her own abilities in order to get the adequate amount of self-esteem which would let them have a good personal experience out of their opportunities outside school.

Some historical hints

Enriques institute gets autonomy in 1985 and soon it represents a real new entity, since it puts into practice one of the most important experimentations in Italy. This experiment last about ten years and attracts the interest of students in a wide area. The courses set up within our school have enabled our students to get qualifications which have been very useful in the working market, such as, programmer, accountant. For about twenty years each study area has focused on the knowledge of our territory and its sources, in order to let our students put into practice what they have been offered with the theoretical teachings in the majority of subjects, with particular attention towards the environment, culture, industry and technologies. In particular, each year our school staff have made projects oriented to promoting work-related learning activities, peer-education, consumer awareness, together with the development of knowledge in foreign languages, informatics, Mathematics and Biology.
In a short while, Enriques Institute has developed into a significant entity in our area - seat of conferences and courses of several types, such as, technical training, ECDL and EQDL centre, seat of exams for Trinity, Cambridge and DELF certificates. In addition, it has set up relations with enterprises and local associations and universities. In order to power up skills related to foreign languages, our institute has established and maintained relations with foreign countries (Scotland, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Australia, France, Holland) in the form of twinning, partnership, cultural exchange.

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